Saturday, 9 August 2008

Say When - Save Me (1987)

This belongs to a period where the Europeans were excellent in producing Dance music that was different from the classic Euro/Italo stuff and from the American one. The producers are Fluitsma & Van Tijn, gifted dutch duo responsible for all the hits by Mai Tai (Do you remember "History"???), "Mutual Attraction" by Sylvester and "Dance Around The World" by Richenel (all the producers have some LOW moments!!!!). "Save me" is beautifully arranged and has got a bass that kick ass. I remember making it listen to a friend that told me "God, they stole the chords of the vocal verse from Corona's "Rhythm Of The Night", they sound exactly the same!" He was right, (in part) the basic difference is that this was made in 1987 and the Corona's one in 1993, so, obviously was the latest that was copied by "Save me"!!!!!!
Say When! - Save Me (The Escape Housemix)


Nasty G said...

Oh my god, you rock again! I've been DYING to get my hands on this song! I mentioned it in my blog more than once, as I've featured both ladies' albums (they later went on to solo careers as Goddess and BB Queen), and also this was remade by another lady I featured, Shirley Lewis! Thanks a ton!

NoThing said...


Can you re up please?
Thank you very much