Saturday, 9 August 2008

Sara Carlson (?) - Walking In The Rain (1989)

Another one of those "mysterious" White labels, this is a extremely well produced cover of "Walking In The Rain" by Flash and The Pan and brought to success by Grace Jones in 1981, the (handwritten) sticker on the record credit this to Sara Carlson,
a dancer/actress from the end of the eighties, so being this record released at the same time, it make me believe that is correct, but like with all the white labels, you can never be totally sure.
Another element that make the track pretty "unique" is the possibility to be played at different speed, at 45rpm is a house track with high pitched voice, at 33, is a moody downbeat tune with
low tone vocals that declaim the wonderful transfixing lyrics, and that's the way we propose it to you!
Sara Carlson (?) - Walking In The Rain (Downbeat version)

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