Friday, 8 August 2008

Lydia Murdock - Love On The Line (1984)

Another example of a very tasty downtempo disco thing, she become famous thanks to "Superstar", where she was singing on top of the instrumental of "Billie Jean", never been too keen on that, this second single was a better story, among the additional producers there is Tony Bongiovi (yes, is the uncle of Jon!!!!) and he's responsible for a lot of Gloria Gaynor and Meco hits. Once again the vocals (like in the case of "Superstar") are a bit dubious, but the arrangement of strings and horns is pretty catchy, as much that it was sampled by Dope On Plastic for their "Stand By Me" in 2002. Here is a special instrumental remix.
Lydia Murdock - Love On The Line (Special Instrumental Remix)

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