Friday, 8 August 2008

Gladys Knight - You Bring Out The Best In Me (1979)

In the History of Disco there are some real beautiful gems, is in my opinion that this is one of them. Few years ago a Disco-Monster (and I say this with the most utter affection and admiration for his legendary Disco-knowledge!!) called Birdy introduced me to this tune and I immediately fell in love with it and have been thankful to him since! Taken from the second solo album of Gladys Knight, is an absolute Dance triumph. Here you have it in a rare extended and remastered version. I hope it will bring in you the same joy that brought to me!! Enjoy!
Gladys Knight - You Bring Out The Best In Me (Extended Remastered Version)


Don Galino said...

Thanks, good disco remix

Don Galino said...
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