Friday, 8 August 2008

Do Piano - Again (1985)

I remember that in 1985 during a night in the infamous London club Heaven, the great Ian Levine, at the time uncontested resident DJ, near the end of the night in the middle of his High Energy selection dropped this bomb, percussive, a killer sub bassline and with very low mysterious and hunting semi-talked vocals that keep repeating "Again....again...again" during the verses and explode in an instrumental strings played chorus. The crowd (and ME!!!) was absolutely mesmerized. The track is produced by a Frenchman called Jean-Jacques Souplet , popular artistic director, responsible amongst the other things for the Afro orientated track "Sultana" by Titanic.


Do Piano - Again (Remix)

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kyrilluk said...

Oh man!! I wasn't on the dancefloor (I was only 11-12) but I remember being hypnoptised by this song. I had lost this song and I've been searching for it for several years now. Thank you, thank you, and again, thank you!!! You just can't imagine how much memory this song is bringing to life. I'm french and I dont know any french people that know this song. At one point, I though that it was unreal...