Friday, 15 August 2008

Kleeer - De Kleeer Ting / Get Tough (1981)

Kleeer (yes, with 3 e!!), was an American band that went through different metamorphoses, they started with the name Pipeline, then they become Jam and after Universal Robot Band (with the legendary Patrick Adams ) and finally they settled down for Kleeer, those are taken from their 3rd album "Licence To Dream", "De Kleer Ting" has a wonderful intro/countdown and then explodes in a funky track with minimal vocals but extremely powerful, "Get Tough" is more elegant, astonishing percussion in the intro and then a guitar driven vocal track hard to forget!!
Kleer - De Kleer Ting / Get Tough (album Versions)


Don Galino said...

Good Stuff - i hive al cd's of Kleeer.
i am fan

goody66 said...


Seems that we have some music in common.