Saturday, 29 November 2008

Amanda Lear - Blood And Honey (1977)

It's saturday night, so let's boogie with the voice of what we consider one of the Queens of the Disco age, nobody ever did it like Amanda did, this track is such a classic soundtrack of the seventies, strings, horns and electric keyboards just play frame to the unadulterated LOW voice of Madame Lear. Here in a rare extended version, She was, she is and she will ever be!!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Unit 2 - Sunshine (1992)

The name Underground Resistance make immediately think of that Detroit sound between Garage and Techno, "Sunshine" is one of their classic product, very Garage-y, piano driven and uplifting happy vocals, remind of Reese Project/Inner City stuff.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

1 World - Down On Love (Assertive Mix) (1990)

When at the begin of the nineties, downbeat was quite a mainstream style, most of all thanks to people like Soul II Soul, this was one of the many pleasant tracks around, it never become majorly successful, but it was a quality class act!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Hall & Oates - Running From Paradise (1979)

This is a semi obscure single from the popular duo, taken from the "X-Static" album, apparently is highly collectible, recorded before that they reached major stardom all over the world with things like "I can't go for that" and so on,is not even included in their two 12 inches collections, is in our opinion the best thing they ever did, nice percussions and a real synthesized keyboards. heaven.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Astaire - I've Been Down That Road Before (1985)

And here we are in full Hi-Nrg paradise, Astaire was one of the main bands for Passion , probably together with Record Shack, one of the major hi-nrg labels in UK. They were known mostly for tracks like "Love Trap" and "Fire Me Up", this is less known and was never released as a single in its own, was a special free bonus record for one of their collections, and like most songs of this style has got that "Show Tune Feeling", but is a feel-good uplifting dance number and in our opinion deserves to be remember...Now, where did I put my little yellow bottle???


Friday, 21 November 2008

I.Q. - Get Out Of My Life (Psycho) (1993)

This is a very unusual and atmospheric German track, based on a sample of the renowned Hitchcock Movie (Yes, the bloody shower scene) and it sound very much like a soundtrack (but the string driven melody is NOT part of the original soundtrack) some oriental elements and an electronic arrangement make this trancey tune very tasty, the original was supported by horrendous Euro-style vocals, that's why we present it in its full instrumental splendour!!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Patti Austin - Reach (1994)

"Reach" was originally a dance hit for Judy Cheeks, in the same year was covered by the extraordinary talent of Patti Austin, great production and arrangement helped by the eclectic remixing work by Hex Hector and Darren Friedman (Known also as "Spike") make this dub version a serious tribal odyssey!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Amazulu - Too Good To Be Forgotten (1986)

Back from our holiday in one piece or almost, and with winter at the door I decided to satisfy a request and play a "solar" track, in my opinion one of the happiest tune of that period, Amazulu were a band leaded by the singer Annie Ruddock with reggae and Caribbean influences, this was probably the most popular of their singles, this version of the 12" was a nice remix that add a simple drumbeat to the original and was part of a collectibles double pack that included a mediocre megamix made by Dakeyne of DMC fame, hope that this bring some heat in our cold days ahead!!!!

Friday, 31 October 2008

Johnny Dangerous - Problem No.13

And Halloween is here again, this is one of our favourite "creepy" dance track ever, Johnny Dangerous ( from the Foremost Poets) deliver a dark sinister tune with all the elements to scare us off, and he talks about "...I'll Beat That Bitch with a Bat" (What a jolly nice fella!!!), but we'll give it to ya in a much more peaceful and moody instrumental "Mystery Night".
Have a happy Halloween all of ya!!!
P.S. We're Off on holiday (......YES!!!!!) for ten days. See ya Later!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Colourblind - Nothing Better (1992)

"Nothing better" is a Victor Simonelli produced chilled deep house track that was printed in UK by Ore Music featuring the interesting voice of Dina Roache, for the official release the song was
unbelievably transformed in a driving house tune by the hands of the fantastic Pete Bones under his Hand And Spear pseudonym.

Monday, 27 October 2008

7th Heaven - Hot Fun (1985)

7th Heaven was a eighties British band (not to be confused with the modern Euro group) that released few joyous and happy singles, this is the first one, classic summer song with a nice horns arrangements and vocals to match.

The Reddings - Remote Control (1980)

This was the first and most successful single for The Reddings, a band formed by two of Otis Redding sons and their cousins, nice live bassline, great horns and a powerful soul voice make this a delightful slice of eighties funk.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

B-Tribe - Fiesta Fatal (1993)

When the GoodMen with "Give It Up" exposed to the world the power of brazilian "batucada" percussions they created a bit of mainstream style that originated a lot of tracks on the same root. One of them was this from B-Tribe, originally from Barcelona, were a kind of spanish answer to Enigma, more ambient than dance really, but thanks to DJ Pippi from Pacha this remix become quite popular all over the clubs!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Quick - Zulu (1981)

Colin Campsie & George McFarlane, the two members of The Quick reached a good level of popularity in the 80' as artists and as producers for acts like Haywoode and Girls Can't Help It,
very imaginative in its use of keyboards, "Zulu" is a pure electronic delight, hunting echoed bassline and some tribal elements, they were ahead of their time, the American remix is by another popular name :John Luongo. This is a rare extended instrumental version.
The Quick - Zulu (Special Extended Instrumental Mix).mp3

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Thompson Twins -You Take Me Up (1984)

Time for a slice of eighties British Invasion, Thompson Twins have always cared for their remixes since the time of "In The Name Of Love", in my opinion this is their best song and incidentally is reworked by my favourite eighties American remixer, Francois Kevorkian that under the form of a limited edition for the American market, transform a tune that is not exactly designed to be a dance number in a original club track.