Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Quick - Zulu (1981)

Colin Campsie & George McFarlane, the two members of The Quick reached a good level of popularity in the 80' as artists and as producers for acts like Haywoode and Girls Can't Help It,
very imaginative in its use of keyboards, "Zulu" is a pure electronic delight, hunting echoed bassline and some tribal elements, they were ahead of their time, the American remix is by another popular name :John Luongo. This is a rare extended instrumental version.
The Quick - Zulu (Special Extended Instrumental Mix).mp3


Jack said...

Gotta say a big thanx for sharing this long lost track from my youth. Keep up the good work m8. Jack

Disco D said...


if i recall coreectly, the original john luongo mix was actually shorter than the vocal mix.
i believe someone at epic records did an extended edit (incorporating instrumental elements of the longer vocal mix) especially for club dj's

Jack said...

The guy who did the re-edit was the CBS DJ Pool assistant Club Promotions, he was called Greg Lynn. Greg was also responsible for several other re-edits on the verious CBS labels inc Joe Thomas' 'Plato's Retreat', Herbie Hancock' Ready Or Not / Tell Everybody' and Sarah Dash' 'Sinner Man'

Fred246 said...

Where is the Vocal version. Thanks for sharing.

Memo said...

Dear Dance-History-Corporation:

Tryed to download this music gem from, I love it!, but only returns an empty file.
Could you please fix that and send me a message to Thanx in advance,