Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Ultra Nate - Rejoicing (1991)

When in 1989 I heard the Tony Humphries Mix of "It's Over Now" for the first time, I knew that this girl was designed for a great future, and how right I was, Ultra Nate is one of the voices
of the House music panorama that was able to adapt herself with the constant changes of the dance styles keeping a certain class and never becoming too mainstream (with the exception of "Free", please NO MORE REMIXES of it, thanks!), this is by far my favourite track,
very gospel "What a perfect love, What a perfect peace" inspired, produced by Basement Boys,
and remixed by Dmitry and Towa Tei from Dee-Lite, this is a special edit that includes the original Backslide Mix, the Acapella and the Dee-lite dub in a wonderful continuous play.

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