Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Jody Watley - Girls Night Out (1985)

I've always loved Jody Watley voice since her Shalamar days, when she left the band (sad day!!!)
she was wandering around in search of new musical directions, this is the second solo single, (where she dropped her last name and started to be called just Jody) ,produced in the UK and never released in U.S.,engineered by the electronic semi-god Glen Langan, a name seen a lot between the eighties and the nineties, associated with Trevor Horn, the result was a high quality dance track but not a commercial success, so after this one she went back to be American produced and "Looking For a New Love baby-a new love-Yeah-yeah-yeah" and got the well deserved success!!

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Nasty G said...

You are my hero! I have been looking for this track FOREVER! I've loved Jody forever as well, but only recently found out about this track and Where The Boys Are (which I still haven't gotten my hands on...) Anyway, thanks a ton. Your blog is awesome and I've linked it to mine. :)