Monday, 13 October 2008

Will Powers - Smile (1983)

When in 1983, Lynn Goldsmith (extremely popular female music photographer) decided to release a dance album inspired to the "dub" atmospheres popular in the stylish musical circles in N.Y. thanks to artist like Sly & Robbie, based on "optimistic messages", it raised more than one eyebrow. But Goldsmith was a very clever girl and surrounded her with a lot of great musicians: Robert Palmer and Sting for the first single "Adventures in Success", Carly Simon for "Kissing With Confidence" and finally with Nile Rodgers for "Smile". Slightly more electronic than his usual Chic stuff, is a wonderful uplifting Disco track, with great vocals, here is presented in a rare promo remixed version.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot,another great track

discobunny said...

Thank you very much for this share. always interesting to hear more of Nile's work!