Friday, 17 October 2008

Sharon Redd - Second To None (1988)

Sharon Redd is one of those artists that doesn't really need major introductions, since her early steps of her career as backing singer for Bette Midler she always delivered astonishing vocals and some of her tracks from "Can You Handle It?" to "Beat The Street" will take a high position in the history of dance music. This is the last single she recorded, after the "Love How You Feel" album, produced by Eric Matthew she went back to Darryl Payne (The author of "Never Give You Up" from the previous album "Redd Hott") and released "Second To None" on Payne's own label, with its arrangements between electro and freestyle lacks a bit the beautiful production of Prelude Records but the voice is still magnificent, and after her death in 1992, is probably the best musical inheritance she could have left.

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thanks,another gem added to my collection '',)