Monday, 11 August 2008

Nick Straker Band - The Beat Inside (1980)

This is in my opinion a beautiful track, Nick Straker Band were a British band that reach major success in USA thanks to track like "A Little Bit of Jazz" and "Straight Ahead" and "A Walk In The Park", this last one has been remixed several times during the years. This Is taken from the Album they recorded for Prelude in 1980, I never knew why never released as a single (or for that matters not even in their greatest hits collection) cause for me it has all the elements to be a hit, great arrangement with a great sequenced piano, amazing saxophone solos and beautiful lyrics:

"Can you tell me where it's coming from?
Won't take much longer
Is getting stronger
you feel, it's real
Unless your mind is out of time
Take what you need
Your spirit's free
That if you feel the beat inside
Your life will never be the same
Feel the beat inside
You'll might begin to understand"

Nick Straker Band - The Beat Inside (Album Version)

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