Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise (1982)

Peter Godwin had a short moment of glory in the eighties, after he left his band Metro, this one it was one of his most exciting releases, great synth stabs, some Latin influences and moody atmospheres, here is the almost-rare instrumental version.


jerome green said...

Thank you so much! A Tony Humphries classic.

Peace, Jerome

Fred246 said...

Thanks very much! I was wondering if I could have the vocal version. Thanks again.

giz said...


Greetings from Mission Control Fort Godwin!

Peter is back with a new band called Nuevo and you can check their new music at

Recommended killer tracks: Namaste, Sunset Rise, Skin and Chocolate.

He also has a facebook fan page which you can join us in the forray:

...and a myspace page:


skyray is love,