Saturday, 20 September 2008

Jeanie Tracy - Do You Believe In The Wonder (1994)

Aaaaah, THAT voice! I remember hearing this on the last New Year's Eve of The Sound Factory in N.Y. just before the final closure, Junior Vasquez dropped it as one of the "morning tracks" and me and my dancefloor mates were saying "Is this New or Old? (Junior always had the ability to play dance stuff from 20 years before and reworking them to make them sound like freshly squeezed tunes)", "Is this the most beautiful song? (and even before you think it, NO! Chemicals had nothing to do with that! You Bitches!)" The little we knew that this amazing voice was an American one AND British produced!! Jeanie Tracy started to write her name in the history of Dance Music since her Two Tons o'Fun days with Sylvester, this was the European phase of her career, produced by Band Of Gypsies and remixed by Fire Island (Farley and Heller) at the top of their success. This is really an astonishing track.

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